This tutorial is meant to show you the various ways in which you can perform a business entity search on the Ohio Secretary of State website. Filers often utilize this business inquiry to ensure that the name they plan on operating under hasn’t already been taken by another entity. There are numerous ways in which to find yourself reviewing any given Ohio entity’s business details. You can search by name (exact, general or past), by exact or general agent/contact person, through a detailed business search or by doc ID or registration number. We’ve covered each search variety below, read on for more info.

How to Search by Ohio Entity Name

Step 1- If you plan on searching by business name you will need to navigate here if it’s a general search, here if you know the exact Ohio business name and here if you’d like to search using a past name. Regardless, the page will look fairly similar to the window below and simply ask that you submit the name in question into the search field before clicking Search.


Step 2- This second page will contain all the names which matched the contents of your search. Scroll through the options until you’ve found yours. Here, you may click on the entity number in the far left hand column to continue.


Step 3- The corporation/company details will be presented next including the entire filing history and links to images of each document.


Detailed Business Search in Ohio

Step 1- The detailed business search option is the ideal choise to use if you’re aware of the name, type, status or location of the entity in question. To begin, navigate to this webpage


Step 2- Like any other search, your results will be presented in a list with the option to navigate through the findings. Click on the entity number on the far left hand side of your screen to view more business details than the ones presented at this juncture.


Step 3- Here you will be able to review all the information on file with the Secretary of State including all document numbers and an image of each submitted filing.


Search by Document or Registration Number

Step 1- You can narrow your search results down to just one option if you choose to search by doc ID or registration number. Simply navigate to this webpage and enter in either or both into the provided fields.


Step 2- As previously mentioned, if you’ve entered your number right, you should be able to see a single option in the results. Also displayed will be the business type, the effective date, the status, the location, and the entity number. Click on the entity number to continue.


Step 3- That business’s details will be relayed at this juncture with the option to review all filings on record with the government offices.


Search Ohio by Agent/Contact Name

Step 1- If you are aware of an agent, registrant or incorporator’s name, you can use this bit of information to gain access to the same information you would if you chose any of the above methods of inquiry. Simply navigate to this webpage to begin, select the type of individual you are searching for and enter their name into the provided field. Click Search to activate the request.


Step 2- The results will be slightly different as they will feature each official’s name where before the entity name was present. However, you will still be able to access the business details by clicking on the entity number in the far left hand column.


Step 3- The business entity details will include all the information submitted in the initial formation documents. Any filings which have been submitted will be available for review at the bottom of the page by clicking on the document ID.

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