A business search can be useful especially for those who are looking to verify the availability of a desired name prior to filing with the Secretary of State. Another online function which may prove practical for those looking to protect their future name is a name reservation. A tutorial for this can be found here. All details of a each business, whether active or dissolved, can be seen online including the filing and name history, address, registered agent, control number and more. The Georgia Corporations Division has done a fantastic job of creating a streamlined platform in which these searches can be conducted with queries being available for the following businesses types:

Georgia Business Entity Search – by Name

Step 1- The most obvious way to search for a business or entity is by it’s name (although not necessarily the most refined). To begin the process, follow this link to the Georgia Corporations Division’s Business Search page and enter the name of the business into the appropriate field.


Step 2- You will then be presented with the list of all companies who’s name’s match what was entered into the search bar. On this window you will also be able to view each company’s control number, business type, address, registered agent name and status. If this is not sufficient information, click on the name of the company you’d like to further research to continue.


Step 3- On this final page you will find links to the name history as well as the filing history, state of formation, date of formation, registered agent address and more.


Search Georgia Business by Control Number

Step 1-  This will be a very refined search and will require the accurate input of the control number of a certain business in order to be presented with that business’s information. Simply supply the field titled Control Number with said number on this webpage to continue to the next step.

ga business entity search

Step 2- You should see only one search result for each number. Clicking on the name of the business will present you with additional information such as the filing history and name history of the company in question.

georgia business name search

How to Search Georgia by Registered Agent/Officer Name

Step 1- If you are aware of the registered agent’s name for a certain business, or the name of an officer of the company, you can search for that business’s information using either one of those pieces of data. Enter the full, or a part of, the agent/officer’s name into the respective fields on this webpage and click continue to see the search results.

georgia companies search

Step 2- You will now be presented with a list of companies to choose from. The name of the registered agent can be found in the second column from the left while the name of the officer will only be displayed by clicking on a company. Doing so will present you with the detailed information of any business you wish to research.

georgia secretary of state business entity search
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