The business entity search function on the Illinois Secretary of State website has enabled users to search the various business details of a particular entity as well as purchase a Certificate of Existence. The latter of the processes will be discussed at length on a separate tutorial linked here. There are of course a variety of reasons why you might want to utilize the business entity search, however you will discover that there are only two pieces of information with which to search. You can use a part or all of the business name, which is the most obvious method, or if you have access the file number for the entity in question you can navigate yourself directly to the business’s summary page.

Search Illinois SOS for a Corporation/LLC by Name

Step 1- To find out information about a certain Illinois corporation or LLC, you will first need to navigate to this website. Once there you will notice two different selections you will need to make; the type of search and the search method. You can choose between searching using either or both entity types. You will then have the option to search by the exact name (By Name), a part of the name (By Key Word) or by the beginning of any word in the name (By Partial Word). Enter the name into the search bar and click Submit to continue.


Step 2- The secondary page will supply a list of name possibilities in Illinois which match the contents of your search. You will be presented with limited information such as the entity type, file number and company name. Click on the company name to obtain further data.

il business search example

Step 3- The file detail report will give such details as the registered agent name and address, the duration date, the status and the annual report filing date. Click Return to the Search Screen if this was not the Illinois corporation or LLC you had intended to research.

illinois corporation detailed report

Search for an Illinois Corporation/LLC by File Number

Step 1- When searching in Illinois for a corporation or LLC on this webpage, you will not only need to be knowledgeable of the file number but also of the type of entity you intend on searching. The Corporate and LLC option is not viable.


Step 2- The most convenient aspect of searching by an Illinois file number is avoiding the hassle of scrolling through the search results. Instead you will be directed immediately to the file detail report of the company in question which will present you with all the information available on file with the Secretary of State.

corporation report illinois

Search for an Illinois Partnership by Name

Step 1- LPs, LLPs, RLLPs and LLLPs can all be researched with ease by simply navigating to this website and choosing the type of search as well as the method. For the search type you will be able to choose between both partnership variations or either. The search method can be broken down as follows: choose By Name to use an exact search, By Key Word when using any part of the name and By Partial Word to use the beginning of any word contained in the name. After you’ve made your selections, enter the keyword or name into the search bar below and click Submit.


Step 2- Scroll through the list presented to you on the subsequent page and find the name you’d like to research. Clicking on the blue, underlined title will present you with the file detail report.

business search results il

Step 3- The aforementioned file detail report will allow you to gain an abundance of information concerning the partnership. This includes the agent information, the file number, the status, jurisdiction and more.

business search llp rllp

Search for an Illinois Partnership by File Number

Step 1- Searching by file number allows business representatives and the like to streamline the entity search function. This occurs by eliminating the need to comb through the results generated by the submission of the business name. Those who possess the file number for a particular entity will be able to enter it into search bar of this site to navigate directly to the file detail report of the partnership in question.


Step 2- Just like the previous examples, the file detail report of a partnership will supply the inquirer with all information both on file with the Secretary of State and available to the public.

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