The corporate name search function on the Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions (CEC) website will prove useful if you’re looking to research the availability of your chosen name before committing to filing for a new corporation or LLC registration with the division. If you represent a foreign entity, and you’d like to see if another business has registered under your name, this will allow you to investigate as to whether or not you will need to operate under a fictitious title. Please note that this does not guarantee certainty as it will not display entities which have reserved their name. An inquiry of this variety will also allow business owners and managers to research the detailed business info of a particular entity, or to purchase a Certificate of Legal Existence.

Maine Business Search by Keyword

Step 1- You’ll need to first navigate to this webpage to have access to the keyword field. There you can enter any keywords you think will help narrow your search. Note that the search results will be limited to 100 entries, therefore you should try to use words that are specific to the entity in question.

Maine Secretary of State business entity name search by keyword form.

Step 2- On the subsequent page you will be presented with a list of 100 businesses that best match the metrics of your search. On the right you will have the name, followed by the name type, then finally the Information Summary. Click on this link to be presented with the business details.

Maine Secretary of State business entity name search by keyword results page.

Step 3- On this page you will be privy to the charter number, registered agent, business address, jurisdiction and filing history. Below this you will see the option to purchase a Certificate of Legal Existence.

Maine Secretary of State business entity name search by keyword details page.

Maine Business Search by Charter Number

Step 1-Searching by charter number will allow you to skip the step of scrolling through 100 search results to find your business name. Instead, it will take you directly to the information summary page. Again, you will need to navigate to this website and provide the charter number in the second field.

Maine Secretary of State charter number search form.

Step 2- If entered correctly, it should bring you to the webpage on which you will see the all information pertaining to that business in the CEC database.

Maine Secretary of State  business entity by charter number search details summary.
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