Those who would like to research the detailed filing history and general business information of any entity registered in Hawaii can do so with a business entity search. This function can be especially useful for those who would like inquire about the availability of their desired business name before filing for a Hawaii corporation or LLC registration. Using this function will also give business owners the opportunity to acquire a Certificate of Good Standing; a document used to prove their proper filing of annual reports with the state.

Hawaii Secretary of State Business Search by Name

Step 1- Begin by navigating to this webpage and enter the name of the business you’d like to research into the empty field as shown below. You can choose between Begins With and Contains in the drop-down menu beside the search bar.

Hawaii Secretary of State business entity name search form.

Step 2- Once you’ve correctly entered the name of the company, you will be presented with a list of businesses. For each business you will be able to view the name, business type, filing # and status. You can refine the search further by using the drop-down menu above the list. When the business you’re researching is found, click on the name to view the business details and filing history.

Hawaii SOS business entity name search results example.

Step 3- You will now be presented with the general info of the company. Using the menu at the top, you can view the annual filings, officers, stocks, other filings and the opportunity to buy the available documents.

HI SOS business entity name search result details page.
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