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We’ve compiled the most common fees so you know exactly what to expect when starting your Utah LLC.

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Start Your LLC in Utah

FAQs on how to determine Utah LLC costs

  • Starting a new business is exciting! We’ve helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs like you get their LLCs up and running. To kick off this process, you have to form the business by filing the Certificate of Organization and reserving the business name. We’ll talk about those in detail below and cover some of the fees that factor into the average cost to start a business in Utah. 

    Getting your business off the ground is easy with our business formation services. Our expert filing service team is here to help you get that pesky paperwork out of the way. 

    Our program is simple. First, you provide us with some information about your business. Next, you select one of the custom packages tailored for you. Then, we handle the paperwork included in the business formation package. It’s that easy.

  • Here are some of the Utah LLC fees:

    Utah LLC Filing Fee

    The Utah LLC filing fee is $56 to file the Certificate of Formation. This is the document that you file to create your business. Think of it as your Utah LLC’s birth certificate.

    Annual Renewal/Report Fee

    The filing fee to annually renew your Utah LLC is $20. You file the annual renewal form (also called the annual report) on or before the anniversary date of the formation of the Utah LLC.

    Registered Agent Fee

    Free: Utah requires all Utah LLCs to have a registered agent. Registered agents receive legal documents on behalf of the business. You can act as your own registered agent for no cost if you choose to.

    For a small fee, we can connect you with a registered agent in your area who can take care of this for you, freeing up your time while you do the important things.

  • After you pay the Utah LLC filing fee to start your business, there are more Utah LLC fees you need to know about. Let’s talk more about those now.

    Utah Certificate of Existence LLC Form

    Getting a certified copy of a Utah LLC Certificate of Existence costs $12. You may need this later on to prove that your Utah LLC legally exists.

    Utah DBA Name LLC Costs

    If you want to operate under a name other than your company’s legal name, you need to file for a Doing Business As (DBA) name. The LLC costs for DBA registration and renewal are as follows:

    • Registering an alternative (DBA) name costs $22.
    • Renewing your DBA name costs $27.
    • Changing to your Utah LLC’s DBA name costs $15.

    There’s no charge to cancel or transfer your Utah LLC’s DBA name.

    Foreign LLC

    Already have an out-of-state LLC and want to start doing business in Utah? No problem. To legally operate your foreign LLC in Utah, you need to file the Foreign Registration Statement and pay the $70 Utah LLC filing fee.

    Business Licensing

    Your business may have to get the following before legally operating in Utah:

    • Business licenses (e.g., liquor license)
    • Permits (e.g., signage permit)
    • Registration (e.g., business registration)

    Each of the above may carry additional fees.

    Determining what licenses your business needs to operate can eat up your valuable time and energy. That’s why we partner with Avalara to do the heavy lifting for you. Answer a few questions about your business, and for a reasonable price, we’ll generate a business license report for you.

    For just $0 plus state fees, we can form your Utah LLC for you in just minutes. No LegalZoom promo code required: Pay just $0 plus filing fees for fast LLC formation in Utah. 

  • Yes. If you don’t pay the fees on time, the Utah Department of Commerce may revoke your Utah LLC’s registration. You may be subject to civil or criminal penalties if you run a Utah LLC using an unregistered name.

  • If you can’t pay your filing fees, then the Utah government won’t file your documents.

  • The Utah Department of Commerce: Division of Corporations and Commercial Code receives the filing fees. If paying by check, make it out to the “State of Utah.” 

  • The largest fee you pay to form your Utah LLC is the initial $56 fee to file the Certificate of Organization. Depending on your Utah LLC’s industry, you may have to pay additional fees. These could be more than $56.

  • You can use the following payment methods to pay your Utah LLC filing fees:

    1. Cash. You can use this method only if you’re paying in person. 
    2. Check. You can pay your filing fees by check if you’re paying in person or by mail.
    3. Credit Card. The State of Utah accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for in-person, online, or faxed payments. 

    If you pay the filing fee via fax, the Utah government asks that you include a cover sheet with your credit card’s number and expiration date. 

How do I form my LLC in Utah?

Here’s what you need to know about getting your business up and running.

1. Name Your LLC

Utah LLCs need to have unique names. To make sure that consumers and others can tell your business apart from all the other businesses out there, Utah has some rules about names.

First, the name must be available, meaning no one else has taken it. Using our business name checker, you can see if your preferred name is available. If it is, great; if not, back to the drawing board. To make sure that it doesn’t get snagged by someone else, you can reserve the name now while you get everything squared away to file the Utah LLC. 

The second rule is about what you include in the name. Utah requires that LLCs contain one of the following words or abbreviations:

  • Limited liability company
  • Limited company
  • LLC
  • L.L.C.
  • L.C.
  • LC 

2. Choose a Registered Agent

Selecting a registered agent is an important decision. Registered agents receive your Utah LLC’s important legal paperwork, like documents for a lawsuit or annual renewal reminders.

You can act as your own registered agent or ask a friend or colleague to act as your business’s registered agent. But the registered agent must be at your Utah LLC’s registered address during normal business hours. Because of this, many businesses choose to hire a registered agent for a small annual fee. 

Our registered agent service connects you with dependable, professional, and affordable registered agents. You can go on vacation, work from home, or meet a client off-site. A local registered agent will be available to receive legal documents on your behalf.

3. File Your Utah LLC’s Certificate of Organization

Your business needs to get Utah’s stamp of approval before legally operating in Utah. To get your business up and running, file the Certificate of Organization with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. As mentioned before, the filing fee for the Certificate of Organization is $54. 

Filing your Utah LLC’s Certificate of Organization couldn’t be easier with our business formation program. Answer a few questions and, for a small fee, we’ll file the paperwork. 

File the Certificate or Organization online with Utah’s Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. Or send it by mail or via fax:

Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code

PO Box 146705

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6705

Fax: (801) 530-6438

4. Create an Operating Agreement

You’re not required to create an operating agreement when you file your Utah LLC docs. But it’s a good idea to draft one shortly before or after filing your LLC. 

An operating agreement outlines important information about how your business operates, like:

  • Who manages the LLC
  • Who gets to vote on important decisions 
  • What decisions require a vote
  • Who has ownership interest in the LLC
  • How the business distributes profits and losses

Having an operating agreement limits the potential for miscommunication and liability that can arise later if you don’t write these things down. 

That’s why we offer entrepreneurs like you the chance to use our operating agreement template. We know that legal paperwork is only one of the many things on your mind when you start a business. Using our templates, you save precious time and money so that you do things that matter to you and for your business. 

5. Get an EIN

If the Certificate of Organization is your Utah LLC’s birth certificate, then the Employer Identification Number (EIN) is its Social Security Number. You’ll need an EIN to do things like:

  • Pay taxes
  • Hire employees
  • Open a credit card account
  • Register for business licenses
  • Open a business bank account

To get a federal EIN, register with the IRS. You’ll also need a state-level EIN, which you can get from Utah’s Department of Revenue. 

With our Employer ID Number Service, we take care of this, leaving you to focus on more important things (like coming up with a cool domain name for your business website).

Check Utah Annual Requirements

Forming your Utah LLC is just the tip of the iceberg when starting a business. Some activities you’ll need to take care of each year are filing the annual renewal report, filing business taxes, and filing other paperwork. 

Who has time for paperwork? We do. Use our Annual Report Service to help your business stay compliant. 

Stay Legally Compliant

As your business develops, so do its operations, philosophy, and information. With these exciting changes comes great responsibility. Failure to update your Certificate of Organization opens up your business to liability, possibly resulting in penalties or lawsuits. Missing compliance deadlines can even result in involuntary dissolution.

Let us help you stay compliant with our Worry-Free Compliance Service

We can help!

As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable. We dedicate ourselves to helping entrepreneurs do the important work that they do to enrich their communities. Our expert team has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. With our abundant supply of resources at your disposal, you’ll be unstoppable. 

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only, and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.


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